About Us

The Company

Deepinsight is a data science startup based in Oslo, Norway. At Deepinsight we are passionate about mathematics and data science. We believe that if used in the right way mathematics and data science can bring substantial improvements to people’s lives. In particular, we see a gap between academia and industry. Many organizations are unable to use the most sophisticated techniques as they do not have the data science expertise. We want to see that gap closed so that all areas of society can benefit from the latest techniques.

The Team

Deepinsight was founded in February 2017 and has since grown to 11 employees. We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team. Get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

Olav Willumsen Haugå
Olav is a former computational scientist at CERN and studied abstract mathematics at NTNU. He believes in changing the world with mathematics and left his PhD at the University of Oslo in order to found Deepinsight.
Håvard Thøgersen
Håvard has a mixed background from life science, business and statistics. He has spent 3 years as a consultant at McKinsey and 5 years at Aker BioMarine. He has a PhD in cancer epidemiology and is a co-founder of Deepinsight.
Stian Kristoffersen
Stian has a background from Yahoo where he was on the team that turned Yahoo’s search platform into a cloud service. Stian is passionate about security and is always looking to challenge best practices. He holds a M.Sc from NTNU in applied mathematics.
Severin Sjømark
Chief Data Scientist
Severin left his PhD in theoretical physics at NORDITA/KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in order to join Deepinsight. He has a passion for problems where neural networks and deep learning can be employed to outshine more traditional algorithms.
Karen Lees
Principal Software Engineer
Karen has over 10 years experience in software engineering. After completing a PhD in machine learning at Oxford University she spent 7 years at Google. She wants to use technology in ways that can improve the world. She cares deeply about privacy, code quality, and building useful products.
Steffen Sjursen
Principal Consultant
Steffen has worked 3 years as a senior risk analyst at DNB and holds a PhD in stochastic analysis. He loves understanding human behaviour through numbers and models.
Håkon Lorentzen
Senior Software Engineer
Håkon studied mathematics and physics at NTNU and has over 9 years experience in software development. He has a passion for elegant forward-thinking solutions and a wide knowledge of web services and cloud platforms.
Arvind Chawla
Data Scientist
Arvind holds a M.Sc from NTNU in applied mathematics where he specialised in statistics. He enjoys solving problems where time series models can be applied. He has 2 years experience as a data scientist working on problems in finance and retail.
Jørgen Vågan
Data Scientist
Jørgen holds a M.Sc in technical physics from NTNU where he specialised in numerical physics. Jørgen has a strong attention to detail and loves to code. He has 2 years experience working with data science in the finance industry.
Tarjei Bondevik
Data Scientist
Tarjei holds a M.Sc in nanotechnology from NTNU, and is currently finishing his PhD in physics at the University of Oslo. He has a passion for understanding the world through the use of statistics.
Karoline Fauskanger Andersen
Administrative Coordinator
Karoline holds a MA in Environment, Politics & Globalisation from King’s College London. She has a special interest in environmental issues and a background from administrative and organisational work.