Consulting Services

We can help your organization to benefit from the power of advanced analytics by providing an expert team to work with you onsite. We currently have clients in finance, retail and healthcare and welcome opportunities in other sectors. We are particularly interested in projects that can benefit society. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Our Clients

Example services

Transforming Your Company into an Analytically Driven Organization

Applying machine learning and other sophisticated analytical techniques to your data can seem like a daunting task. We can get you started by providing strategies that will have direct impact on your core business.

We can:

  • identify where machine learning techniques can be applied to enhance your profits
  • determine the readiness of your data sets and how to untap value from them
  • streamline the deployment of machine learning models to production, so you can have the latest models ahead of the competition
  • advise on how to recruit and retain world class data science and software engineering talent
  • structure effective cross functional teams for large analytics projects

Solving Specific Business Problems

You may already know what you want from your data but need an expert team to work with you.

We can:

  • perform analysis to gain insights into your data
  • clean your data sets so they can be used effectively with machine learning algorithms
  • perform smart feature engineering in order to optimize performance of models
  • evaluate several machine learning algorithms in order to decide which is the best model for the problem
  • use the latest tools and cloud services for big data

Getting Started with Cloud Platforms

You may have some existing machine learning pipelines and want to make them run faster and more effectively on a cloud platform.

We can:

  • help you move your data and pipelines securely to Google Cloud or AWS
  • deploy models to a production environment running in the cloud
  • help you upgrade research level code to production quality
  • provide advice on monitoring model quality and pipeline reliability
  • provide advice on latency and costs